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Blessed to have people who care about me and want to see me get and do better. Now that i am once again moving in a positive direction, i can continue with my art.


Found this while on pinterest, and i dig it fully 

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I have an idea: You should a paint a colleague of people that influenced your only by their words

thats really interesting idea, there would be a lot of people on there, many people have touched and helped shape my life.

Your work is really awesome! Keep up the great work! Definitely following you and really looking forward to seeing you create some more art!

Thank you!, i hope that you continue to enjoy the work i create in the future.

Dude, your artwork is out of this world!

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Thank you very much, this made my day!

Do you sell any of your works?

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I have in the past but not recently



This made tear up for real.

The last one hit hard :(

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Everyone knows Derrick Rose is my favorite player, so in light of his return to court with the USA team. Here’s another remix on a piece i did a while back!!!

Thanks for all the likes, re-blogs and follows its much appreciated and keeps me working. Please visit and spread the word on my new website…all feedback is welcome.

Artist- Julian Perry

Title- (Remix) America’s Rose

Artist- Julian Perry

I really been feeling the love and support not just on tumblr but everywhere and i really appreciate it. As always keep checking in and spread the word i have some more new work coming soon. And please check out my new website, finally have my own site!  -THANK YOU jp.

Who Next?

Ive been getting great feed back and a lot of love from my tumblr fan, so i open the floor to you all, message me with who you would like to see a portrait done of. Thanks for all the likes, reblogs and comments!!!