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Julian Perry Art


The man behind the art!!!

Artist- Julian Perry

I havent done a lot since i broke my hand but if you dont push through pain you dont get stronger


Found this while on pinterest, and i dig it fully 

A slight color adjustment on the piece i just finished!!! I been listenin to a new album every time i start a new piece. This one was Jhene Aiko!!! So chill

Any suggestions on who i should do next? Hmu!

Trying to throw together a nice lil series, some old some new, just having fun. Stay tuned for the newest piece coming soon!!!

Art by Julian Perry

I been really into overlays and design, so heres a new remix of an oldie but goody of mine!!!

Thanks for being patient!!! im not supposed to be doing work with a broken hand but i cant not do work!

Latest piece hot off the press Gambino himself Donald Glover!!!

As always i appreciate all the love, keep checking in for new work to come. 


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So excited!!! Stay tuned gonna be coming out with tshirts soon!

Respected Genius

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Set Backs

I appreciate those who follow, like, comment and show love. Unfortunately i wont be creating any new work for a while because i broke my hand :(…